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What is the value of a corporate archive?

LoCHe is about corporate archives, over the last few months we have spoken to numerous people, from business representatives to leading archivists in the country, about corporate archives and the first tentative results are becoming clear. One big issue we wanted to know more about was the value of corporate archives. Some companies are acutely aware of the importance of their own heritage, they use their history to engage the public, to explain their corporate […]

Oral history

Last Friday Me and Clare attended a workshop on Oral History organised by the Oral History Society. Oral History is about documenting history ‘from the horses mouth’ so to say. By speaking with people who have lived through a certain period of time or, in our case, worked at a corporation for a period of time. We have not implemented oral history in the project, but it offered some interesting ideas for continuation of the […]

From raging Luddites to high-tech preservation – lessons from the M&S archive

In 1816 a group of lace-workers opposed to the introduction of new weaving technologies decided enough was enough and tore through Loughborough. Since then, a lot has changed and Loughborough is now a modern town with a thriving high-tech focus. Lace is hardly relevant anymore, as opposed to the time the Luddites roamed through the country, and these days mechanical engineering like that produced¬†by Brush¬†is what drives the local economy. Over the past few months […]