Oral history

Last Friday Me and Clare attended a workshop on Oral History organised by the Oral History Society. Oral History is about documenting history ‘from the horses mouth’ so to say. By speaking with people who have lived through a certain period of time or, in our case, worked at a corporation for a period of time.

We have not implemented oral history in the project, but it offered some interesting ideas for continuation of the project. It forms a nice vehicle to preserve what it was like for people to work in places lake Cotton’s or Fissons. The experience of the whole street leaving the house around the same time because all of your neighbours worked for Brush and started at 8 in the morning. We already heard numerous interesting stories about Loughborough’s corporate heritage and this is certainly something we will look to develop further.

The main reason for attending the workshop was that interviewing techniques in oral history are very important and it offered both of us a chance to think about our interview style and how it could be improved. I for one need to stop interrupting people and give people time to answer! We also met some very interesting people engaged with a broad variety of projects, from documenting oral histories of female refugees to finding out how musicians used the national music archive in the 70’s.

It was a really good experience and we are looking forward to implementing what we learned.

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